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Forensic IT Services

VERTEX offers Digital and IT solutions with a premium level of service by well-rounded and uniquely trained experts.

Why Optistar

Because Businesses Need Urgently Responsive Digital and IT Experts That Meet Their Evolving Demands.

VERTEX's Digital and IT solutions are offered by Optistar experts that perform traditional IT services alongside forensic IT support. Sureties, insurance carriers, and law firms prefer a professional IT Firm with in-house expert forensic services. VERTEX also offers services to businesses that need a 'virtual IT department'. Whether to augment your existing staff with precisely the services you need or project-related IT needs, VERTEX can assist.

VERTEX can also assist with a permanent move to the cloud, Backup Disaster & Recovery Solutions, and Office 365 email migrations. This service allows companies to rest easy knowing that relevant information will not go missing overnight and to assist with instituted Work from Home Policies.

Forensic IT Services

Data Collection

VERTEX engineers and IT professionals work on site to collect appropriate project-related documents, both hard copy and electronic sources, requested by the client.

Data Management

VERTEX typically collects accounting information, contract documents, emails, letters, etc. and preserves the information on our cloud server, which can retain any amount of information for as long as necessary.

Backup Data Retrieval

VERTEX will retrieve data from various backup system architectures. We also have the ability to retrieve historical data from file servers that may have been deleted/damaged/or changed.

Database Server Collection

VERTEX IT experts export databases from proprietary Microsoft SQL, Oracle or Access systems and recreate, as needed, for on-demand access or provide custom queries.

Virtual Server Accessibility

VERTEX can clone application servers if there are proprietary systems and make available in a cloud-based environment for end users.

Document Retention & Management Services

Documents retained by VERTEX are securely hosted on a cloud-based file server with web access for each system.

Enabling Your Remote Workforce

VERTEX can assist with a permanent move to the cloud, Office 365 email migrations, Business Continuity Planning and Implementations as well as Backup Disaster & Recovery Solutions.

Service Overview

Watch the Document Collection, Management & Retention Service Overview to learn more about how VERTEX can help with your forensic IT needs.