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Jesse Wallace

Senior IT Consultant

A passionate, big-picture oriented IT executive who is client-outcome focused and enjoys interacting with people and making technology blend into organizations while enabling productivity. Jesse Wallace brings over 20 years of experience in the enterprise Managed Service Provider space and 5 years of Electrical Construction project management and estimating experience to the team at Optistar. Originally from Texas and now based out of Boston, Jesse supports businesses across the globe. Jesse is able to leverage a diverse skill set in his role as a vCIO enabling clients primarily in, but not limited too, BioTech and Energy verticals to navigate the digital landscape of our times and mitigate the risks this exposes them to. Jesse operates with a “The buck stops here” approach to managing the needs of his clients.

Mr. Wallace joined Optistar Technology Consultants in April of 2021 as a vCIO/Senior IT Consultant working to optimize client outcomes, retain those clients, and drive transformation towards a more secure and optimized environment for those clients. This work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Working with C-suites to plan and budget for current and future IT needs, while avoiding technological dead-ends and controlling cost.
  • Coordinating the management of all hardware and software systems to ensure business continuity and a smooth end user experience.
  • Providing Security Risk Assessments.
  • Developing documentation such as Written Information Security Policies and Cyber Security Policies for compliance purposes.


Education & Certification


  • Business and digital transformation to support products and processes
  • Large M&A integration and divestitures
  • Cloud migrations, cyber security policies, business risk management and disaster recovery
  • Regulatory compliance, GDPR and process maturity
  • Executive leadership, partnerships, large budget management & talent development


  • Large program management in business and digital transformation
  • Collaboration with customers and trading partners globally
  • IT operations, application development and process excellence
  • Cloud migration and SaaS strategies
  • Data science, AI, Robotics integration for manufacturing, biotech, and commercial
  • M&A with large acquisition integration and divestitures
  • Cyber Security
  • Managed Services
  • Software Engineering