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Software Engineering

Custom Software Development Services

Why Optistar

A good idea is the most important ingredient for a successful project with us!

To provide the best possible solution for your company we need to understand your needs. If we do not understand your business, we will learn it. We pride ourselves in spending time with key stakeholders in your business to understand your core competencies and how we can facilitate your custom project based on your focus. Our projects follow Agile software development methodology to ensure rapid delivery of the product which can evolve with you.

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As a business leader, you have faced unprecedented challenges over the last year. Now, cyber attacks are at an all time high as hackers are discovering clever ways every minute to steal business data.

Many factors need to be considered when managing your operations. Offering strategic advice during these times is one of our contributions to the small and medium enterprise community because we feel it is a priority.

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Software Engineering Services

System Integration

It is essential that both business-to-business and internal enterprise communications work efficiently to mitigate any delay or interruption and to ensure high-quality product delivery. Using a variety of tools and technologies, we can combine multiple systems and sub-systems into one functional ecosystem.

Mobile and Web

Today you can't work efficiently without iOS, Android, or Web apps. We have the experience and skills to make your mobile presence outstanding. We’ve delivered many mobile solutions and Web applications with a long-standing, excellent reputation. We know how to deliver usability and great user experience. Take advantage of our proficiency!

Application Development

Producing software is our passion. We know how to proceed from an ethereal concept to an end-product with proficiency. Top engineering skills are the core of what we do, and we are not afraid of any challenges, big or small. Whether you have a legacy system or an idea for a start-up, we will spin up a team suited to your project. We also maintain and upgrade existing applications for our clients.

Delivery, QA & Automation

We have an experienced QA team working on every project. This team ensures proper protection from the very first release. Specialized in the latest automation tools, our team keeps testing time to a minimum from a time and cost perspective. Functional, performance, regression, or any other test – we will do it for you! We are also experienced in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration solutions.

Cloud Solutions

We specialize in management of the process in transitioning services to the Cloud. By understanding your business, we will adjust our solutions for your specific needs to ensure efficiency and cost savings. We help you take full advantage of the capabilities offered by our cloud solution.

Our Core Capabilities

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