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Cyber Security Solutions

No matter the size of your business, in this digital age, cyber security is a requirement.

Why Optistar

When it comes to network security, it is easy for small to medium-sized businesses to say “not me”, “they are only after the big guys.”

The reality is that attacks on all networks have been increasing year after year as hackers have become more sophisticated, and small businesses are being affected every day by relaxed or non-existent security policies.

43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. 60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyber-attack go out of business within six months. Cybercrime costs small and medium businesses more than $2.2 million a year. There was a 424% increase in new small business cyber breaches last year. With statistics like these, we offer a full suite of industry-leading Cyber Defense solutions to keep you and your company safe and operating with a peace of mind most professional services firms do not have.

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As a business leader, you have faced unprecedented challenges over the last year. Now, cyber attacks are at an all time high as hackers are discovering clever ways every minute to steal business data.

Many factors need to be considered when managing your operations. Offering strategic advice during these times is one of our contributions to the small and medium enterprise community because we feel it is a priority.

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Critical Security Services

Managed Enterprise Firewall

A common mistake in small to medium business networks is the lack of a business-grade firewall solution. We will provide a firewall rental free of charge and then properly monitor, maintain, and manage it for you.

Hardware Encryption

Managed Laptop 256bit AES hardware encryption for all desktop and laptop devices.

Mobile Device Security

Centralized, cloud-based solution that will allow Optistar to manage, monitor and run diagnostics on mobile devices within the organization.

End Point Security Updates

Keeping computers and network equipment updated is one of the most effective steps to preventing a possible network security issue.

Advanced Endpoint Defense with Threat Hunting

Most people know that antivirus and antispam software are necessary components of network security, but many people make the common mistake of believing they can “set and forget”. We proactively monitor, update, and respond to threats as they are discovered.

Identity Management with SSO/MFA

Cyber criminals are breaching networks worldwide with greater efficiency. No matter how much awareness training, complex passwords set or network policies implemented, they still seem to get their hands on them.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

The StarGuard Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solutions by Optistar Technology Consultants offers one of the most comprehensive BDR solutions on the market today with encrypted cloud virtual environments.

Network Password Policy Management

Ensuring employee password policies are created, adhered to, and managed enterprise-wide.

Virtual CTO Services

Information Security Policy Creation & Management

Bringing a collective 40 years of c-suite level experience we help your organization write the best information security policies tailor-made for your industry, and markets to help mitigate risk and provide oversite for all stakeholders.

Acceptable Use Policy Creation & Management

We collaborate with your stakeholders to write and help enforce employee technology acceptable user policies.

Network Security Assessments

With regular network security assessments we are able to continually maintain the integrity of all systems, networks, and users.

Audit Support & Remediation

Your dedicated vCTO and a security specialist will complete all requested audits as they come in for any company that requires multiple ongoing audits.

Security Education Services

Security Awareness Training

One of the best ways to prevent attacks is to educate your employees so they can spot an attack and prevent a breach.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our dark web monitoring platform combines intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze, and proactively monitor for an organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

Advanced Security Services

Enterprise Password Managers

We will rollout, integrate, and manage company-wide enterprise password managers to securely share common passwords through your organizational units.

Data Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our Data Governance, Compliance and Protection solution provides a way to identify sensitive information through AI and machine learning, adhere to stringent regulatory compliance, apply content lifecycle policies, cyber protection against ransomware, prevent data leakage, cyber alerts to compromised accounts, and more.

SIEM/Log Management

Our SIEM solution collects, analyzes, and reports on log data from a multitude of networks, applications, servers, and endpoints with instantaneous alerting to mitigate security threats in real-time.

Web Gateway Security

Preventing you and your employees from accidentally visiting websites with malicious code in them.

IoT Device Security

From smart toasters to intelligent, real-time HVAC efficiency devices, we segment, secure, and manage your business-critical networks from other rogue devices that could be more easily comprised.