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Life Sciences Industries

Life Sciences Companies Must Have The Right People and Products In Place For Success

There is a reason many companies in this industry fail; Life Science is difficult.. especially without the right people and products in place.

Life Sciences industry is made up of various branches such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental sciences, biomedicine, nutraceuticals, neuroscience, cell biology, biophysics, and several others. All of the branches have the very same basic IT needs:

  • a network you can rely on to be stable, up-to-date, and fast.
  • laptops and desktops that are fast and enable your staff to execute quickly and efficiently.
  • software solutions that are not only intuitive, but streamline processes.

These companies are met with the tricky part of identifying the correct options, implementing them at pace, while maintaining top notch quality.

A great plan poorly implemented is unacceptable, as is a well implemented plan that falls short of meeting the mark on keeping you secure or allowing your employees to function.

At Optistar, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that both sides of the equation align properly.


Let Optistar help guide your business through Phased Funding.

We will help you keep your IT costs right-sized for each stage in the life-cycle of your business and each phase of funding.

Optistar will keep you secure and in compliance as you grow.

In addition, we will help build out the resources that your business will need to get and keep the data flowing.

  • ELN Integration
  • Instrumentation Integration into Automated Workflows
  • AWS & Azure Architectural Planning and Implementation
  • Data Lake & Warehouse Management
  • Clinical Trial Support


You want a system that simultaneously allows collaboration at the frenetic pace BioTech moves, allowing your organization to be agile, while not compromising Data Security and Integrity.
We will setup a system that is secure and provide all the documentation needed, taking this workload of internal staff, and ensuring the precision required by regulatory bodies.

  • FDA
  • Implementation of SOX controls
  • GxP Audits
  • GDBR
  • WISP and associated policy documentation creation and auditing
  • Penetration testing


Data lakes are now “multi-basin,” needing to exist at AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others all at the same time. All of this must occur within a framework that keeps the business safe, allows productive workflows, and minimizes or eliminates downtime.

With Optistar’s experience architecting multi-cloud workloads, workflows, and data stores, we can help diversify and distribute the Data Lake/Warehouse architecture that your business relies upon. Our team will bring additional stability, controls, and user workflow options to the table that were previously not an option.

We will work to integrate those discrete pieces that, as a whole, make-up the tools that your scientists use to drive the value of your company.


(There is gold in them there hills….)

Data is the new gold, only with more value, from a 21st century point of view. This means that the new Frontier of Data is drawing entrepreneurial Individuals to innovate and create value, along with modern day “data desperadoes” eager to take advantage of those businesses that operate with their guard down.

That new, earth shattering, life changing, market disrupting idea that your company is seeking a patent on is only valuable while it remains proprietary. The “Secret Sauce” must be kept just that, SECRET, to protect the value of your company and to keep regulatory bodies at bay.


At Optistar Technology Consultants, we are focused on keeping the data safe.

We bring an array of 23 industry leading tools to bear to secure the environments our clients have entrusted us to secure. Those tools in combination with our 24/7 Security Operations Center that monitors all activity 24 hours a day to ensure that the house is never left unguarded.

Our team is constantly searching and testing for the next best tool to add into our toolbox, or to replace old tools with better solutions.

Do you have a brilliant idea that your company wants to take to the world, but you need expertise in doing so safely? Please consider Optistar Technology Consultants. We offer a free and complete STRATEGIC IT ASSESSMENT to any business that would like to truly know the state of the technology they rely upon.

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