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Optistar’s Identity Management Solution

December 2, 2020

Cyber Security, meet Employee Productivity.  Employee Productivity, meet Cyber Security.  I know you two have not gotten along well in the past, but those days are over.

Cyber criminals are breaching networks worldwide with greater efficiency.  The easiest and most effective way they are doing this is by getting ahold of people’s passwords. There are many methods criminals use to obtain someone’s password. No matter how much awareness training, complex passwords set or network policies implemented, they still seem to get their hands on them. One MAJOR deterrent from handing over the keys to your personal data, intellectual property and client information along with a password is the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA provides a second (or more) check after someone enters their username and password to verify their identity. MFA has become almost ubiquitous nowadays. You see the option when setting up a new iPhone, accessing banking applications, or using a new cloud application. So, why has it not been so ubiquitous in the small and medium enterprise community?

One word: Convenience. For the most part, people err on the side of convenience rather than security, even when making business decisions. Owners and leaders want their teams productive. Enduring the hassle of using MFA to gain access to business applications does not usually equate to productivity.

Thankfully, there IS a better way.

Optistar has partnered with DUO, a Cisco company, to provide our clients a seamless and secure solution for accessing cloud applications and critical business applications.

Our Identity Management solution incorporates both single sign on (SSO) to conveniently access applications with a single username and password and multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to them.

Our managed MFA solution, through DUO, provides an easy-to-use, secure mobile authentication app for quick, push notification-based approval to verify your user’s identity with smartphone, smartwatch and U2F token support.

SMS-based two-factor authentication is no longer considered secure by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards, as SMS messages can be easily intercepted or redirected by remote attackers. Using an authentication app, users can log in with their primary credentials, and then their app will prompt them with a push notification to complete the secondary authentication by approving the request. This method is more difficult for attackers to intercept and offers a convenient way for users to log in by using their smartphone or other device.

Our fully managed solution includes:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) to your business Cloud Apps
  • Integrated MFA solution
  • A centralized dashboard to all your business apps
  • Implementation and management of all MFA and SSO policies
  • Quarterly security review
  • Authentication logs reviewed and saved for 7 years
  • DUO subscription for each of your employees
  • Unlimited Support for each of your employees

Call us today at 888-782-7003 to learn more!

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