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Webinar: Key Microsoft Teams Features That Make It The Best Meeting Tool EVER!

November 24, 2021

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Many of us use MICROSOFT TEAMS daily, but are we using it to its FULL POTENTIAL?Β 

Do you know that Microsoft Teams has recently released NEW CAPABILITIES and FEATURES?

Do you need to ACCESS TEAMS for MORE THAN ONE tenant?

Recently, Glenn Wilson of Optistar Technology Consultants covered some of the COOLEST new features and tools MICROSOFT TEAMS offers! He shared how you can use it more effectively for standard meetings AND how to DAZZLE YOUR VIEWERS when using it for presentations!

Glenn even revealed a SPECIAL INSIDE TIP on how to access MULTIPLE TEAM TENANTS at the SAME TIME!

Did You Miss This Webinar? Don’t Worry – Access The Recording Now By Visiting HERE and Completing The Form On The Page!

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