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Humans, Not Technology, Are Your First Line Of Defense

April 5, 2021

Technology is only as good as it is programmed to be. While technology offers a range of benefits, it can only do what humans can teach it.

Of course, cybersecurity programs are extremely useful when it comes to detecting known risks. Yet, humans can formulate new, unique ideas that counter and circumvent the streamlined safety script that confines cybersecurity’s software capabilities.

Ultimately, if a new threat doesn’t trip a known warning sign of an attack, technology alone isn’t going to catch it.

Therefore, humans are the first line of defense against cybercrime. Here are some ways to help your human security staff maintain vigilant against cybercrime:

Keep Up with the Newest Trends

Technological advancements compound their capabilities. Technological development is a process. Therefore, if your human cybersecurity team keeps up with the newest hacking trends, they have a better chance of recognizing the newest known breadcrumbs of cybercrime, even if the crime itself is unique.

Actively Practice Known Security Measures

Again, technology can only do so much. The humans that use the technology are the greatest threat to making the system vulnerable to cybercrime. Therefore, everyone in your organization needs to practice known security measures.

Here are a few of the biggest:

  • Don’t click on a link or open an email that looks fishy.
  • Keep your devices close at hand.
  • Do not leave any written passwords, flash drives, or unlocked devices on your desk.
  • Browse the internet with a VPN.

Keep Up-To-Date on Security Awareness Training

While keeping up with the latest cybercrime trends is important for daily safety, it is always good to keep up on your security awareness training.

Security awareness training is the best way to educate employees about cybercrime and avoid becoming victims. When your employees understand the threats cybersecurity poses to them and the business, they will be encouraged to be more vigilant in protecting their devices and information.

This vigilance helps your employees be the first line of defense for businesses against all cyber threats. Giving your employees security awareness training reaffirms that they are vital to the company. Not only are you providing them with the protection they can carry over to their personal lives, but you are also proving that their actions are actively keeping themselves and their place of employment safe.

Unfortunately, new threats are developed by criminals daily. Yet, if you implement a positive security culture and keep this top of mind, your company and your employees will automatically be safer.

If you are searching for Boston IT Companies that provide Security Awareness Training, contact us at ask@optistartech.com or visit www.optistartech.com for more information. We can help keep your staff aware of cybersecurity threats and train them on the proper steps to take if they are in doubt.

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