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Quick Links: A Solution to Help With Internal Business Communications

October 12, 2020

Is your company struggling to find important files, forms, and commonly used reference materials? Perhaps your business is growing and you are trying to keep employees up to speed with business software and other systems being implemented. A full Intranet seems like overkill but access to commonly used files, links, and software at every employee’s fingertips would definitely help your business.

Maybe it’s Time for Quick Links

Quick Links is an application that provides your employees with quick access to the most commonly used materials and tasks. Quick Links (as indicated by the star icon) can be added to all your employees’ icon trays and when clicked, it expands to a menu of ‘very important links’. Below is a clip of a typical desktop with Quick Links installed.

Your business can customize this icon (right down to the color/vector) and when configured with your business in mind, Quick Links will become ‘THE GATEWAY’ to your business.  

Example of a typical menu setup in Quick Links.

How to Set Up Quick Links

Many companies start by making a list of the most important information for which all employees need access. Most include important phone numbers, links to important documents or processes, and access to software. Next, companies list out the most important actions or functions that all employees need to routinely take. Three of the most common business functions include:

  1. Sending an e-mail to a specific contact or group (you can automatically include screenshots too)
  2. Clicking a link to go to a frequently used website, file, folder or software
  3. Sharing really important phone numbers or other information

After defining your most important information and most routine functions, it is time to organize from your business and employee’s perspective.

How to Organize Quick Links to Benefit Your Business

Organizing the menu might sound easy but because it is fully customizable, businesses often struggle with the organization of their Quick Links. Some words of advice:

1. Compartmentalizing should start more broadly so other details/functions can be more easily added as needed.

2. Often, the organization should follow the functions/actions that were defined earlier. Quick Links has options for all companies but here is a list of the five most common Quick Links requests:

  • Add a link to connect to IT for Help/Support. Include help desk numbers, options to e-mail IT/Help Desk, with or without generating screenshots.
  • Add a link to our benefits information so employees can quickly see answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Provide a link to the company directory, the company website, and the company calendar.
  • Link to accounting software so employees have access to invoices or other critical information
  • Provide quick access to the company shared folders/file system.

Implementing Quick Links

If you need help with internal communications but aren’t ready to implement an Intranet, Quick Links may be a solution to consider. Outside of having Windows-based computers, there are no other hardware and software prerequisites. The setup and installation is often performed by in IT professional alongside the business leadership. If you are interested in Quick Links or other strategic IT solutions that work for your business, contact us today.

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