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Your Business Has Been Hacked. Now What?

April 19, 2021

A 3-Step Response Guide to Keep Data Breaches from Turning Into a Nightmare

A foolproof cybersecurity system with zero chances of a breach doesn’t exist. In terms of realism, it’s up there with the time-traveling, intergalactic-trading fantasies of any sci-fi writer.

So having a plan of action in the unfortunate event of a data breach is crucial today. The way you respond can be the difference between a minor setback and a complete disaster.

Fortunately, a solid data breach response plan can be summed up in the following three steps.

1. Start With an Internal Investigation

While your gut may tell you to get everything up and running right away, it’s better to figure out the cause and the extent of the breach first.

Having answers to how the attackers got in, what exactly did they compromise, and whether they still have access to your critical systems is the minimum you need to know before taking any other actions.

2. Consult Legal Advisors on Your State’s Laws

Different states have different legal requirements when it comes to handling a data breach. For example, the state of Massachusetts requires all businesses to report the breach of personal data to the following:

  • Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • All the affected Massachusetts residents

The keyword here is personal as the state only considers details like social security number, driver’s license number, and credit/debit card numbers as personal data. So publicly accessible information like addresses and birthdays don’t require notifications.

However, consulting a legal advisor is the only way to navigate the laws of your state safely.

3. Show Your Customers That You Care

Many businesses try to sink the notification in a sea of legal jargon that makes it near impossible to understand what just happened. Others try to hide the notifications altogether.

All such approaches greatly underestimate the potential brand damage. With so many transactions going faceless in the 21st-century digital economy, people value few things more than authenticity and open communication. That’s why we highly recommend presenting an honest, heart-to-heart message to all your customers to let them know what happened, how it happened, and what you’re doing to avoid this in the future.

A sprinkle of honesty and care can keep a data breach from turning into a PR nightmare. Be sure to have your communications reflect that.

Our team of cybersecurity and cyber defense experts can take care of the rest for you. From scanning your systems to identifying and neutralizing threats, and then tightening up the entire digital ecosystem of your organization, we can bulletproof your organization against 99% of threats out there.

Call us at 888-782-7003 or drop an email at ask@optistartech.com to get in touch today.

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