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Mission, Values, & Culture

Our missions is to serve exceptionally. We serve exceptionally by adhering to our core values: Own it, Always Improve, Happy to Serve. We have a long-standing history of providing exceptional service and our Exceptional Client Retention rate proves it. In 25 years of business, we have maintained a 98% client retention rate.  This is a testament to our value and dedication. Offering 21 different Cyber Security solutions, very few MSPs can compete with our Comprehensive Cyber Defense solutions. Pairing each of our business partners with a highly experienced Dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer to all our clients, you are truly able to rely on Optistar Technology Consultants as your technology business partner.

Your Virtual CTO

We set a course back in 1996 to provide “big business” consulting to small and medium businesses. Our emphasis today remains on delivering the highest caliber strategic IT advice possible to our clients. We ensure this by providing each business partner we decide to work with a dedicated virtual CIO. The minimum requirements to be a part of our virtual CIO team are 15 years of professional experience in the IT industry and at least 10 years designing and architecting IT solutions. By engaging directly with the leadership of our business partners we help budget, advise, and guide you through the ever-changing threats of the new world of business as well as working tirelessly to achieve your business goals.

IT Strategy & Transformative Consulting

With so many IT and Managed Services Partners out there providing the same basic functions globally, there are few companies that focus on strategy the way Optistar does. Of course, we offer you professional services, help desk and ticketing services, asset management, onboarding and offboarding services, but the primary difference between us and the local IT company is our Strategic Consulting. We bring, collectively, 75 years of Strategic Consulting and advice to each of our clients. This is a part of our core business and provided to every business partner. This is why we are here: to provide you with everything you need for your business so we can grow together.

Flexible Business Model

We believe that being flexible in today’s business world is one of the keys to success … yet one of the more elusive qualities in our business communities today. Optistar recognizes that our clients need to be nimble with the ability to adapt to market conditions, competition, and a host of other factors. One example of our own flexibility is Optistar’s month-to-month plans that give our clients the ability to scale up, down, or totally re-tailor to meet their needs whenever they need to.

Customized Business Solutions

Doing one thing really well is a great business approach. We happen to do a few things really well. In addition to our comprehensive IT and Cyber Security Services, we also have In-House Forensic Specialists, IoT and Automation Experts, and Software Engineers to provide advanced business and automation solutions.

We believe by providing these additional services our clients can potentially garner a competitive edge or significant cost savings.

Culture of Inclusion

Optistar embraces diversity because it makes us a better, stronger, and more talented company. Diversity helps us to innovate, collaborate; it inspires us to provide the best service. It fuels us as a leading managed IT services provider and advisory.

We support, foster, and invest in our employees’ success through a culture of inclusion. Our goals are for our employees to feel a sense of belonging and to understand how their role impacts the organization. Everyone has a voice and their uniqueness is valued. By valuing differences and creating a productive environment with respect and trust, we hope to help our employees reach their own maximum potential by drawing on their talents to achieve both their personal growth and our organizational goals. This culture is reflected in our core values and is supported throughout our organization.